Let Your Running Shoes Serve Longer!

It's well known that even high-quality running shoes serve approximately 500 miles. But if you have a higher than average weight, this distance may be significantly shortened - telepanlocal.com/sungevity-reviews.html. Consequently, you will be forced to replace your spoilt expensive shoes into cheap sneakers that is not a good decision though. Cheap sneakers don?t guarantee good foot arch support, less fatigue or improved running comfort, and as a result you will get only pain in your legs. So, it's much better to try to save the life of good running shoes. The following are recommendations on how to prolong the life of your running shoes.

  1. Store your shoes in a cool, dry place, try to avoid heat and moisture. Heat will make your shoes crack, while moisture will compress the sole. In case if your shoes have somehow got wet, air them properly and return them to the original shape.
  2. Avoid getting your shoes wet. If you've got under the rain or anything else has happened to your shoes, dry them correctly. Remove the insole and laces and hang out the shoes upside down to dry in the open air. Don?t leave them in the sun, on a furnace vent, or dry them in the dryer. Heat can damage leather resulting in cracking.
  3. Use your running shoes only for running. If you really you?re your shoes to serve long, use them for the destination they were meant for. What kills running shoes is the constant weight on them. Using the shoes all days long may be compared to running in them for almost the same period of time. So, it's highly advisable to buy another pair of shoes for everyday activities. Thus, you will save much money.
  4. Unlace your shoes when you take them off. When we come home from running we tend to immediately slip them off and leave them without loosening the laces. This causes stretching out of the shoes and leads to less functionality and a shorter life.
  5. Cheap running shoes are not good. Cheap shoes are usually produced in a foreign company and may have many similarities with really high-quality ones. So, consider the price before buying them. They only look fashionable and sporty, but they are completely not convenient for running. Consequently, you will run in them for less than a hundred of miles and stop their life. We don?t mention the pain in your legs and much fatigue. As a result, you will waste our time to recovering. So, don?t try to save money on the quality of running shoes.

As you can see, there are many ways of prolonging the life of your running shoes. The major ones include avoiding getting them wet and leaving them in heat, airing them out between runs. Besides, try to choose high-quality shoes with a solid leather upper and an engineered sole. Undoubtedly, you will enjoy your running and save your health and money!